Used a app twinlets it worked!!!

Hey guys what oh so good she's coughing back here within another video so there I never tried this I never looked it up there's an app called twin lips this is.

Gonna be Christ let's test this out so I am on male no not a female ma'am, okay upload photo take your photo sure allow photo oh god hey hey doing today guys Oh a day's night I'm gonna do my nervous smile block it. With the add one oh god blurry why are all these blurry I look so ugly okay generating work in this.

App as what the crap is. This what only what is this okay there much okay there's I think I have to do.

An ugly face so I'll show up good like I'm dumb I'm so dumb okay mail upload photo take one maybe that will work this will work very well it went and I note.

Are you pretty get your face go okay your, girl – oh okay but I didn't make that face but that doesn't mean you have to make it look like that that is ugly ma'am got this okay.

Let's see if my dog has a torch from your photos my dog has to have awesome twin Aston please wait and.

Then I hope it Elise shows up a dog app I. Know you're smart and you can move it what what the crap Oh God let's give this another try toilets you're stupid like, this looks real but I bet that's just another picture of her this that looks nothing like each other good updated fit should I try my brother or something, why not yeah let's run my brother if I have pictures. Of him probably not cuz I take pictures of oh god I. Have like the oldest like videos of my pic with his pictures from like 2014 I've done picture my brother okay but I have another picture of great you guys my it was a guy from five nights at,, French and then yeah this app is awesome guys you should so get this is all Photoshop okay where's that I'm.

It I need something the only thing I can make dish app where there's I'll say I'm a few mil this time I'm a female for sure yay there this that's perfect picture now perfect comeback got this. App I'm coming. Home coming oh are you using a filter from snapchat or oh but shared up the female this time well I did.

Pick female so restart that's ugly you're ugly all these people what if I actually find me this time that.

Will be awesome okay I got this all we need is the flashlight on right there that's all we need right there yellow thing right there we need that on that's, perfect it's gonna work yeah it's gotta work yes gotta work. It has to work now come on you got it yes it's coming up it's right here right now oh.

My dream that's it it's just crap that's the end of video bye well that's odd and, if this video is now 10 minutes I'm doing more stuff ok stay tuned whoa whoa don't flush .

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  1. kiefa

    I like the app


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