Twinlets find your twin

Hi guys its maximum today home I’m tweeted it little wet and I don’t need to put the video for a second so you gotta do, is take a photo and then i’ll show you how it works you have to take the photo off, camera ok so now i have took my picture and face can i think these chemist opted mcfall anyway oh is that why it looks, like is that my tweet on let’s restart their code photos oh just you can quickly there we go that’s okay I don’t have that photo tools, would i look like are you serious no way that it was horrible online take photos twice again whilst we, use what’s important there we go okay what will we get this time when you make me ting me right now what.

Else could it could be male why not put this on my head yes that’s a good culture yes.

What the freaking, hell is that what is that how do you how do you get to look like are they didn’t it is impossible okay all I look like this time Italy what the hell is there any. Such find your twin who looks like you do you think I look like that Shh slutty but I just wonder how to, describe this man .

Take float on what’s happen will actually work you know how are you I was get confused right now was that that man let’s change. Susan’s and Roberts email or see what a fool I get okay that’s a good phone call if you want, to use to enlist according to google doesn’t own it can you find this in here I’m like, oh oh my god hang on one second I’m shocked at this one’s old may all this time take photos let me keep doing into it looks like me yes he definitely, looks like me. Doesn’t he cubix king oh grannies take fall too awkward i click on any um through it all those who looks like me we’re going to be named ronan guess whiny go sleep okay good oh sweet so cool. Why not take a picture with a John Cena it’s going to be two hitting, me wrong what is the point of this thing okay guys I husband I hope you enjoyed, me doing this is not desired it I’m really annoyed it’s very annoying habit moving ridiculous people just look at this person and no idea who. This is I even a real person, I have no idea like and subscribe and I’ll see in the next video hey .

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