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Quinn let's find your twin who looks like you because we will match your photo with a hundred and fifty million spaces in our global spaces, database and find the best match he or she could be our lost twin fastest search no. Registration of a login 100% free that seems too good to be true but apparently it's not what if you haven't emailed me yesterday, and told me to try this website out basically all you have to do to upload one of your photos and it will try to, match you with a very identical photo by looking at your features your skin tone I mean apparently is very simple the science behind it is not but, here are some examples of like celebrities and their look-alike. I am so excited I don't know a lot of people that look similar to me I mean some of you guys always think that. You found someone that looks like me and you send me the photo just looking at it like that not that very, similar so hopefully this website will, show me a very similar photo or similar person that looks very similar to me so yeah first I'm gonna have to take a photo so I'm just going to use this camera I'll do, a screenshot you ready I don't know should I smile which, is straight P that I like P sign up or something I don't know. If it's gonna look like a mug showering them all right if we go on Stacy three two one god I'm so beautiful so beautiful on oh my goodness I let's go to paint let's crop, it oh my God look at that beautiful face oh my god I'm still sick I'm just getting started on these photos, over take it in my life but up 30 there's a photo I just took it and, yeah now let's try to upload it to, the website and see if it comes up with any matches I'm very excited so let's. Do this alright let's exit out here let's upload a photo okay that's female male or any i'ma go with may upload photo alright we've got a picture. Let's open it alright here we go it's not floating let's go searching match yeah what oh well sorry about that why, don't you tell your friends about this is a joke. This is guys do I look like that do I look like guys I don't know I look like that guys don't don't lie to me still morning I'm not that sexy that. Is the sexiest boy I've ever seen in my life. Oh my god yeah you might turn me gay bro you actually might do that Jesus, look at that so it's perfectly aligned the nose I've never seen a nose the curbside always in my life it's so beautiful you can't do it guys what is this it has to be. A joke I'm gonna do it again I'm a restart, there's no way this is real there is absolutely no way here we go upload photo let's do up let's do mail again a full photo the picture cool let's see if it. Shows me the same one I don't know what we'll do I'm searching now here we go here we go alright come, on give me a real one John hi.

Mom there's no funny then it's so funny oh they'll all be those like that, I could look like that let's go good job let's go bull I was so excited as I thought it was gonna, be legit twin left this is this all right let's do one more time let's do male let's do any instead of male let's do a teammate maybe that's why, he's got all these ugly guys let's upload the photo come on you know I'm beautiful show me a. Really really beautiful one I don't I don't know I want to see anyone here we go here we go here we go here we go,, oh yeah I'm a caveman all right not mad I'm not mad w go mail mail again last one this is the last times I'm going to try getting on my nerves, let's go I don't like my face come on really analyze it stop messing around all right look oh all right one more time another crack picture open., All right see this you know you want to do this bro you don't want to do it here we, go that's right mother look mother look I was given three Tigers three two one oh well I don't know look like that I always thought I was like I thought elite average look II know tell me I'm. Not even average, looking I'm here you what do people look like when they mess mess with me oh I know what I need I think I got it guys I know what I need I'll get it was so. Obvious I didn't see it this whole time okay the way these.

Instagram models looks so amazing they have overexposure it's a very great tool to hide like any blemishes. Okay hi shadow so if you have like a bigger nose. Or like yellow teeth it helps a lot so I have a light over here as you guys can tell it's very bright I just all Rex pose my oh wow that is so bright all right here we. Go all right just take the photo I'm thinking, that should work no I think I really do there it is that's the, final photo I just took it's overexposed it's very model like this is Instagram status over here all right let's upload it he's the final result but see we start last one, right mail upload photo let's go picture okay here we go it's uploading I think it's going to get a much better match now let's. Do it by the match by. The matsudo movie go here we go go here we go got them okay okay we're not, doing this anymore guys thank you so much for watching this episode Zi want to try to sell yourself it doesn't work it's a scheme it's a parody I, don't know it's not what I thought it would be not so excited I bet, there is a website like that so you guys know websites that can match me up with someone who looks very similar please comment down below please save me. Some time and plumbing down below I appreciate it so much without being second make sure to go click another video, if you guys enjoy this one I will click that circle to subscribe you to this channel I'll see you guys next time, on another episode we have until then have a great one and peace. Out guys what happened you face dogs come on what what happened why you look so hot like .

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