Can Find Anyone Who Looks Like You

Friends family and welcome to another video and today really looking at a website called twiglets we’re basically it find your twin i’m going to upload a picture of myself and see who might win.

Is and i’m also going to be uploading a picture of some. Other youtubers just to see who they’re too it is so is that being said I hope you guys like this video give it a thumbs, up and let’s begin alright so i’m gonna, upload a picture of myself alright so this is a picture i’m going to use of myself and yeah I wonder I wonder what the result gonna be I really want to know who else looks like me because I. Feel sorry for them alright what I, don’t know I feel sorry more for me or for them all right is this like a joke. Website is this for real this is for real why would you why would you do this i’m going to try that again i’m going to upload the exact same picture and.

See if i could be exactly result okay maybe this website that does not look like me I mean I beard. I mean he’s got a little bit of a mustache but. I mean he’s also wearing glasses he also shows his hair I I don’t release, it in anywhere here are you kidding me with this bull I let’s upload a picture of PewDiePie alright so there’s a picture of beautiful i’m going to use, and yeah let’s do it all right here we go here we go I wonder I wonder who looks like Beauty five, are you kidding me that’s so much better than any of, mine really this is just mean alright i’m uploading the same picture again just get the, same results or something you know hopefully closer to what I will come on come on come on nailed it that’s so dumb i love this looks alright so we’re, going to use this picture of jacked up in a year just, to see what this website will show all right jack and wonder how messed up is going to look like pewdiepie why. They look the exact same actually that’s probably really close just because the pictures were both like really warped alright i’m uploading it again I’m gonna do this with most of them uploaded twice. Just to see the results we get all right come on come on. What you look like nothing like all right well sure we do markiplier for it so I’m gonna be using this picture markiplier and I. Wonder where we’re going to get this website is too much to handle so basically you upload a. Picture it doesn’t really care and then it just shows your. Random stupid picture alright so we’re gonna be using this picture of TSI I wonder what the result is going to look like that’s the, case I really this is the job as a soda alright so I’m going to try. Sis brother told me short timer and this is the picture i’m going to use whoever created this website is really needs to go back to the drawing board because.

It’s so far off I mean this person doesn’t look at all like how many shorts chambers alright so the.

Next one we’re going to do is kim starr, this photo I think that right there was a better result this website is going to give me okay okay okay baby top of just a baby. Really really not a garden gnome anyway tried that’s all for this video i hope you liked it if you did make. Sure to give it a thumbs-up, publisher with a friend if you do subscribe to the family today and I’ll see you guys next time, .

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